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Six months ago, I decided to change my life. I was on honeymoon, watching sea turtles off the lanai of our rental in Hawaii, and floated this idea past my husband: "What if I were an engineer?" He was instantly supportive. Yes! Great idea! You can do it! [Life advice: Marry someone who believes in you.]

So, in typical fashion, I did a massive amount of research and narrowed down my options to two programming bootcamps: Hack Reactor and Hackbright. I'd been trying to learn programming in my free time for about 18 months at that point, and hadn't gotten very far (having a full-time job, plus major life events like a move, a wedding and a German Shepherd made it hard to study continuously). I felt that an intensive, bootcamp environment would be my best shot.

I started applications for both camps, but pretty quickly became engrossed in the Hack Reactor admissions challenge, and never finished my application to Hackbright. I also have a badass friend (Hi, Lindsey!) who went to Hack Reactor, which helped solidify my decision. Because, in general, I'm a big fan of:

  1. Identifying who you want to be (Hi, Lindsey!)
  2. Finding out how they got there, and doing exactly that

Fast-forward to today: After 5+ months of studying/struggling (and 3 attempts to pass the technical interview), I got into Hack Reactor -- yay, learning! Presently, I started this blog.   

Here's what I'd like to do with this blog:

  • Go back in time, and map out the path I took to learn javascript, from zero knowledge to a very basic level of proficiency.
  • Document what I'm learning in the next 3 months, as I prepare to start Hack Reactor, and continue this to some degree once my cohort starts.
  • Share totally random, non-coding projects because I'm crafty and like to make stuff.

Ultimately, I hope this blog is a helpful resource for new programmers -- I learned a lot from other student blogs, and want to spread the learning.

Inspirational sea turtle

Inspirational sea turtle