Letters to things I need to learn before starting Hack Reactor

1. Command Line 

Dear Command Line,  

One time I typed some stuff in you and bad things happened and my friend Chris had to fix everything and it took even him a long time to understand what I had done to you. I am very sorry for this. I do not want to be afraid of you anymore.

Love, JK 

2. Regular Expressions

Dear regex,

I think you are swell. Every time we meet, you are so helpful! I've had a hard time getting to know you because of all the '*~/[|]?+'s and things you require. This is my fault, not yours. Let's spend more time together. 

Love, JK  


Dear HTML,

Let's not beat around the bush here. I know what you are, and I find you annoying. Why must you communicate with such unfriendly elbows and unhelpful element names? Whenever you say 'div,' what you mean is 'box,' so why don't you just say 'box?' And what do you have against spaces? I guess we have to get along now, but don't expect me to like it.

Respectfully, JK