What I'm Learning Today: Command Line

I restarted my Treehouse subscription today and enrolled in their Console Foundations course. I managed to finish Part 1 (Getting Started with the Console) by tackling the first few sections between 6-6:30am, and the rest of it between 9-10pm. Not as much as I'd like to get done (side note: learning programming while having a full-time job is hard), but every little bit counts. Three parts left to go! 

I now know how to use the nano, less, rm, mkdir, mv, -p and -r commands. AND I'm, like, 20 percent less scared of using my terminal. So that's a win.  

Looking forward to taking the rest of the course this week. I'm impressed with it so far. Treehouse has an in-browser workspace that's pretty great for intro-level courses. For the command line series, it lets you tinker around in their console setup without being afraid of accidentally removing your own files and directories!