The sadness of missing your goals

It sucks to not meet your learning goals. I had such high hopes for this week! I was going to finish my Treehouse Console Foundations course, and then start Lesson 2 of my Udacity JavaScript Design Patterns course. Did either of these things happen? No.

My week was basically: work work work work work, family stuff, work work work. That left me with 30 minutes around 6am and 1-2 hours after 8pm to dedicate to learning. I did manage to finish 2 more lessons in Treehouse, so I only have 2 left before I'm done. I'm still enjoying the course, and it's especially gratifying to learn command line syntax that I've heard and seen before, but never understood. For example, grep. Did you know that it stands for Global search in Regular Expression and Print? I didn't! I love learning little bits like that, as trivial as it may sound.

I really admire people who can commit themselves to learning in such fragmented chunks. I find it hard to get into a good flow that way, but will do my best to finish the Treehouse course today! I'm on the road right now, so need to find a clean, well-lighted place to code before I can get started. I might hit up the old Barnes & Noble that I used to frequent back in high school when I was studying for my SATs and AP exams.