Goals for the week

Last week was kind of meh, with respect to learning. I finally finished the Treehouse command line course over the weekend, which was pretty rewarding. Midway through the course, I stopped using their workspace, and just practiced directly inside the terminal on my machine. Previously, that would have scared the crap out of me (and at one point I inadvertently hit "enter" after a sudo command, but thankfully the terminal stopped me with an "Are you sure?" prompt before it executed), so I definitely have made progress against one of my pre-Hack Reactor goals.

Now to tackle everything else! I tend to do best when I break down my goals in manageable chunks. Here are my learning goals for this week:

  • Complete the Treehouse JavaScript Basics course (I have one lesson left)
  • Make a list of the things I need to learn before resuming the Udacity JavaScript Design Patterns course. I'm super excited to finish this one because it feels very authentic compared to other courses I've taken, AND because Ben Jaffe is a superb teacher and a personal friend of mine. I've completed one lesson, but didn't feel like I really mastered the content, so want to do my homework before restarting. But FIRST, I need to itemize what that homework is. 
  • Touch code everyday. This is important!!! Need to get into a daily habit of coding in JavaScript, even if it's just a line or two in the Chrome console.