Goals for this week

This week I will:

  1. Make time to learn: I have dedicated 6:30am-8:00am on Monday-Thursday for learning. 
  2. Finish the Treehouse How to Make a Website course -- I'm almost halfway done, and have created a spectacularly ugly website! Right now, I'm learning about CSS and styling. Did you know that RGB stands for "Red," "Green," "Blue," and that the 6-character hexadecimal value is just a pairing of the red, blue and green amounts in a color? I did not know this. I also didn't realize that hexadecimal refers to a base-16 numbering system, where the letters A-F stand in for numbers 10-15. That allows you to use a digit of value 0-15 per character, vs just 0-9. All of a sudden, a lot of stuff makes more sense!  
  3. Account for weird decimal edge cases in my Random Number Generator -- Thanks to a tip from fnenu, I will try using the isNumber property.  

I think that's a reasonable amount of stuff for this week. Let's see how I do!