Goals for this week

Last week, my goals were to finish this Treehouse course and to wrap up my Random Number Generator. I managed to do both of these things, but still have some final tasks to complete before I'm satisfied. 

For my RBN, I need to input a conditional so that users can't submit invalid inputs after they submit the same integer values twice. I'll get to this when I'm ready. It shouldn't take too long, but I finally understand why engineers lose so much steam when context switching! 

For the Treehouse course, I finished my project, but need a lot more practice building websites before I feel like I'm making coherent choices. 

This week, my goal is to build a new website. Any website. I'm planning for a light week because this is my last week of study before I get my Hack Reactor homework, and I'd like to knock out some major work projects as well.