Complete and utter mayhem

That's how I would describe my week.

First of all, I spent last weekend shoveling -- I kid you not -- over 1,000 lbs of dirt from my driveway, and wheelbarrowing it out to the garden. This was very tiring, as you can imagine, especially for someone who dislikes exercise as much as I do. My body was confused by all the exertion, and I was sore all week. 

Second, someone broke into my car and smashed a window. Nothing was stolen because there is nothing in my car worth stealing, unless you're really into pet hair and first aid kits. Anyway, the whole thing was a pain, but I'm grateful it wasn't worse. 

Third, endless work! Endless work! ENDLESS WORK!

On the bright side, I did build a website and I learned about Bootstrap. On the not-so-bright side, my website is a HOT MESS. Oh well. You have to start somewhere, after all. 

Also this week, I refreshed my python skills and coded up a few tests for a work assignment. It was fun, honestly. Python is lovely.

I am so happy it's Friday! Sweet Jesus! 

Hack Reactor homework comes on Monday. I guess I'm as ready as I'll ever be.