Using Sublime Text for note-taking

We got our pre-course homework from Hack Reactor yesterday! Very exciting. Lots to learn and do. I'm not allowed to share details of the assignments, but can talk generally about my plan to get all of it done.

First, I'm reading up on the documentation they've provided and taking notes. I'm a copious note-taker, and find that it really helps me retain and organize information. I'd like to use Sublime for this, but it's not immediately obvious how to use it for notes in Markdown. 

Enter this blog post, which is tremendously helpful. Less than 15 minutes later, I have Sublime hooked up with Markdown editing and preview, and I'm ready to get started! For my first chunk of work, I have ~300 slides to get through. My goal is to get through 50/day. For me that means I 100 percent understand what's on the slide, and have taken good notes documenting key points, and my thought process for any sample exercises.