Where has this week gone?!

How is it Thursday already? Here's what I've been up to:

  • Trying to get a dev environment set up on my machine for work. This sucked up many many many hours of time! Eventually I gave up, BUT I did practice a lot of command line in the process. So not a total loss. 
  • Redoing the random number generator to handle edge cases like when a user inputs 5.4, and 6, and the generator returns 5, which was not in their set range. What I want to happen is for the generator to accept 5.4 from the user, and then round it up to 6 when it sets the min and max values. This would set both the min and max values to 6, so the generator would only return 6. For a pairing like (5.4, 7), the generator would return 6 or 7. 
  • Building regular expressions. I've been testing on regexr
  • Putting out various work-related fires! 

Basically, it's been a very hectic week, and I expect the frenetic pace to continue up until Google I/O. I'm not sure if I'm going this year, but it's a big event for us and we're doing lots of cool stuff to prepare for it. 

At this rate, I'm a tiny bit concerned about how I'm going to keep up with Hack Reactor's pre-coursework, which they're releasing to our cohort later this month. If you don't complete it, you get kicked out of the program. So... I'm going to have to find time wherever/however I can.