Google I/O, Android Nanodegree, and Not Doing Homework on Time

Oh my gosh. You guys. I know. I have been really really bad about blogging of late, but I have a good excuse! Which is, um, just lots of work! I have been a busy little bee.

Google I/O 

We launched the Android Developer Nanodegree at Google I/O on Thursday! Or, more specifically, Sundar Pichai announced it at the Keynote, and I launched it from my kitchen table, in my pajamas and rocking a scrunchie (according to the lady who cuts my hair, I have a lot of breakage, so I've taken to wearing scrunchies to bed).

Photo:  Techcrunch

Photo: Techcrunch

This was my second I/O, and it was definitely more chaotic than last year. First of all, Udacity and Google had a Developer Training booth this year, where we gave out these phone battery charger thingies in exchange for downloading the Udacity app and signing up for one of our free Google courses. Holy crap. People really wanted those phone charger thingies. They went like hot cakes, if those hot cakes also charged your phone. On Day 2, we ran out and gave away Udacity sunglasses instead. These were markedly less desirable than phone charger thingies. Here is an actual conversation I had with multiple people about the sunglasses:

  • Patron: What are those?
  • Me: Sunglasses. 
  • Patron: OK. But are they 3D? VR? 
  • Me: Um, no, notsomuch. 
  • Patron: (visibly confused) What do they do?
  • Me: Oh! Well! They block 100 percent of UV rays from your eyeball area. Also, there's this nifty Udacity logo on the side... (voice trails off as patron wanders away, distracted by a cardboard box that transports them to outer space) 

I did, at one point, attempt to model the sunglasses. This resulted in one person handing them back to me. Whatever. I am an excellent Booth Human, no matter what people say. 

Also adding to the chaos, the prevailing interior theme of I/O this year seemed to be "low to the ground" because the entire venue was full of bean bag/pouf cushion seats. I think this was supposed to give everything a relaxed, chill vibe. Anyway, it really reminded me of this:

Lounging on dog beds = the new hotness

Lounging on dog beds = the new hotness

At one point, I legit tripped over Sebastian, Udacity's CEO, while en route to get sour apple gummy rings (they were running low, and I panicked). Sebastian, to his credit, does not care in the slightest about getting tripped over, and we went through the slides for his I/O session on democratizing education, which ended up going very well. 

Android Nanodegree 

So this is what I've spent the last 6 months working on. Our team made a whole slate of world-class educational courses with Google, and all these courses are now available to anyone with an internet connection, for free. The Nanodegree is the credential, and that costs money, but the content, itself, is free (and always will be). Weirdly, there are a lot of MOOC haters out there, and I don't really understand what MOOCs ever did to these people besides have a seriously unfortunate acronym, but even the worst hater can't be opposed to bringing free programming courses online, right? 

Trailer video for the Android Developer Nanodegree (Production Credit: Calvin Hu) 

Not Doing Homework on Time

I cleared the soft deadline for Hack Reactor's Section 1 homework, but did not make Section 2 (it's tonight). The hard deadline is at the end of the week, and I'm feeling good about making that one. It's unnerving how quickly time is flying by. My cohort starts in 4 weeks! 

What I'm working on this week: Learning jQuery, implementing a front end, and re-implementing a few advanced Underscore functions.