Finding the Perfect Color Scheme

I love colourz!!

I've spent entirely too much time perusing color schemes while designing my apps, and you can too! 

Recommended Resources

Color Hunt

  • Updates daily with a new theme of 4 colors.
  • Dead simple to use. Color values are super easy to copy/paste into your CSS.
  • No login required to pin and save your favorite themes.
A few of my favorite swatches

A few of my favorite swatches

I'm partial to "Mustang"

I'm partial to "Mustang"

  • 5 colors per theme. 
  • Requires login to save favorite themes, and/or to create your own custom themes.
  • More advanced functionality than Color Hunt, but the interface can be confusing.
  • Pro Tip: Click "edit copy" to get the RGB and HEX values all in one view.
  • Super Pro Tip: Definitely read the comments under your favorite swatches. Listening to people talk about colors is... weirdly uplifting.

Favorite Schemes

Quiet Cry

Screen Shot 2015-08-20 at 10.16.06 AM.png

I think what I love best about this theme is the name. I can imagine the colorist weeping softly while adjusting RGB values to achieve the precise mixture of coolness and melancholy that captures a quiet cry in the bath. 

Also, the user comments for this theme are touchingly intimate.

I've been using this theme on my personal resume site. It has a nice combination of weight and cheerfulness to it. Color Hunt doesn't give names to their themes, so I made one up!