Day 41 of Hack Reactor: Hiring Assessment and Solo Week

The last 6 weeks have flown by like... um... a fly. Or a bee! Or other such creature that flies by really fast. 

As of tomorrow, we are in Solo Week, which is the week in between the "Junior" and "Senior" parts of the program. This is very exciting because it means we're working on our group projects from here on out, and it feels very rewarding to be able to build real full stack apps from scratch.

Hack Reactor has a big exam called the Hiring Day Assessment that we took yesterday. It's a comprehensive set of tasks that you have to complete in order to show mastery of the subject material from weeks 1-6. If you don't pass, then you don't get to participate in Hiring Day at the end of the program, and you also don't get to call yourself a "graduate" of Hack Reactor (and therefore don't have alumni status afterwards). So yeah. It was kind of stressful.

For me, the test was useful because it helped reveal where I feel comfortable vs. where I need to improve. Some of the tasks felt very natural -- almost automatic -- to me, which was unfathomable 6 weeks ago. I guess programming for 12-16 hours a day for 41 days straight will do that to you.

Other tasks felt like a slog, though I never felt hopeless at any point (this is a profound attitudinal change from where I was even a month ago). I didn't have time to get everything working, but I was able to form a plan and describe my logic, so later on I can revisit those tasks and find solutions.

I'm not sure if I passed or not (we find out next week). If I don't pass, it won't be because I didn't work hard enough over the last 6 weeks, which to me constitutes a success no matter what happens. It also won't be because any task was "too hard" for me, just that I couldn't complete a working solution in the time allotted. There's a huge difference between those two states. 

Anyway, I'm just excited to focus on learning more and building cool things in the next 7 weeks!